Disinfecting your Poultry Farm

Disinfecting your Poultry FarmA clean and pollution-free poultry farm means happy and healthy chickens. Decontamination kills harmful organism like: virus, parasite, bacteria and mold.  Always remember, that a good cleaning will remove at least 80% of the germs from your poultry farm.

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  • Identify the problems: Firstly, you need to do a thorough inspection of your poultry farm, check what type of insects, bacteria are affecting the farm. Then go on to purchase the appropriate equipment from Top Veterinary Companies in India for cleaning.
  • Establish a plan: A good poultry farm cleaning is incomplete without a plan. You need to strategically plan the entire cleaning process. What  detergents are you going to use, what type of cleaning are you going to go ahead with, the equipment, Indian Veterinary Products, cleaning period and dates also need to be carefully planned and written down in your plan.

So what are the different types of cleaning methods used in the poultry farm?

  • Dry Cleaning: A farm cleaning method which is done with the help of brush, shovel, rag etc. A method used to remove dust, soil, organic material etc. Poultry farms infected by airborne disease should not be cleaned with the dry cleaning method.
  • Wet Cleaning: A complete clean-up of your poultry farm. No farm cleaning is complete without using the wet method. Detergents, warm water, scrubbing, brushing and using steamers and power washers are some of the ways in which you can clean the farm.
  • Remove Dust: Veterinary Product Manufacturers in India say you need to remove the dust and most importantly the cobwebs from the interior farm surfaces and equipment.

How is a Poultry Farm Disinfected?

Always use an approved disinfectant that will prove to be effective against poultry virus and bacteria, you should follow manufacturer instructions at all times.

A Full Clean-Up Wash:

Use pressure water and foam detergent. Always ensure that the detergent is compatible with the detergent.

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